Wearing my Betterlengths clip ins. Light Yaki


I am so shocked how beautiful and realistic this hair is. I ordered the 14 inch light Yaki bundle. I have two but only one in the picture. I highly recommend Better Length!!!

by - 04/20/2023

It’s perfect! I bought 14 inches and quiet frankly it was too long for me so I had the hair trimmed at the hair dresser. It blends perfectly with my hair. I live in France and delivery was fast, it took a week only and the custom fees were very low so can't complain. :-)

by - 02/12/2022

Wand curls with @betterlength on


I love my hair clip ins because they blend so beautifully with my hair. I have the light yaki for when I want to go straight(pictured above) and Afro Kinky Curly for my natural hair texture.❤️❤️


I LOVEEEEEE MY CLIP INS! I’m natural but my hair is wavy! this hair match’s PERFECTLY!!!!

by - 04/21/2019