This was my 1st time buying mircolinks... and I'm well satisfied with my purchase. I installed them right out of the packaging and have had them in since last week.

by - 08/18/2021

This hair is amazing. It blended well with my natural hair and was easy to manage.

by - 08/17/2021

The hair is thick and just the right amount of curl pattern to look natural. Been wearing micro links for over 5 years. This company is brilliant for making it easier on us.

by - 08/14/2021

The hair comes ready to install. Nothing more to do. I love it. I used to make my own, because they were so hard to find. This way is much easier and faster.

by - 08/12/2021

I only installed 1 pack and I’m so pleased with the results. The hair is thick and blends well and was easy to color, heatless curl, and flat iron. I can’t believe I hadn’t got into the mircolinks game a long time ago.

by - 08/07/2021

I’m not a licensed beautician but I was able to do this on my daughter with no problems. The hair was smooth and didn’t tangle much. Blended well with her hair. Buy this hair. You won’t be disappointed. I will be buying it to install in my own hair soon

by - 08/05/2021