Natural Protective Hairstyles to Ease Into Summer on TikTok

Summer is coming and Summertime is the best time to try different hairstyles because the weather allows you to wear your natural hair out without experiencing much damage.

Aside from the climate benefits, many events are also held during the summer, so you have more reasons to frequently change and show off your hairstyle than usual.

Protective styles are great for the summer because it can get very hot and humid. Now, let’s get into recommend some stunning summer protective hairstyles to try.

1.U-part Wigs

U-Part Wig is your answer to easy summer hairstyles, and it’s a protective style that can make styling your hair much easier.


U-Part Wig 👉🏿No leave out. 16in Kinky Curly wig from @betterlength hair hair. use code “taviasb1077”!! #protectivestyles #naturalhairtiktok #type4hair

♬ original sound – Tavia-Type 4 Natural Hair
Cr: @taviasb / TIKTOK

The hair she used is BetterLength 16 inch 3b/3c Kinky Curly U-part Wig, small cap and middle part.

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2. Drawstring Ponytail

Drawstring ponytails are also great for adding volume and length to your natural hair. It’s a protective style, can be versatile, and it’s great for everyday life.

Cr: @beautifullyslayed / TIKTOK

The ponytail she used is BetterLength 12 inch 3b/3c Kinky Curly 100% Virgin Human Hair Drawstring Ponytail.

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3.Messy Boho Knotless Braids

The boho braids trend also serves as a great protective style for those looking to give their natural texture a break with extensions during the warmer months.

Much more than a protective style, knotless braids have become a style statement completely in a lane of their own.

Cr: @haircollectionbytee / TIKTOK

4. Short Small Braids

Braids are great protective styles for your short hair. They are best suited for harsh weather conditions and do a great job of maintaining your hair’s health and integrity.

This might be your summer hairstyle✨

Cr: @kulturedroots / TIKTOK

5.Mini Twists

I love mini twists and it’s so versatile. Mini twists are a protective style, meaning they will protect your hair from breakage and extra manipulation. This can help your hair retain its length.

Cr: @naturally.nish /TIKTOK

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