Easiest Way to blend Short Natural Hair with clip ins!

Are you transitioning? Or just big chopped? Is your hair kinda on the short side after big chopped? Do you wanna to switch your looks but do not want to use any heat on your own hair?  Let me tell  you how to make it come true step by step within 10 mins!!!!

Product you need:
One Bundle 16″ kinky coarse clip ins. One bundle of 16″ kinky blow clip ins come in 10 pieces. You may need two/three bundles from other companies, but you only need one bundle if you purchased from us. One bundle is enough to cover your full head.

Step 1
Flat twists the back of your natural hair

Flat Twists
Flat Twists

Step 2
Clip the clip ins on your flat twists

Install clip ins
Install clip ins

Step 3
Stretch out your leave out. Do some single braids and then apply a rubber band around it. Using this method, you do not need to put any heat on your hair.


Step 4
Grab some hair at front to make two flat twists at front of your hair. Secured the twists with a rubber bands

Flat twists

Flat twist

Step 5
Connect these flat twists in the back with rubber band and then make sure that none of the tracks are showing.  And here is the finished look.

big hair

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Video created by IAMTRAEH




kinkycoarse - Easiest Way to blend Short Natural Hair with clip ins!


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