6 Easy & Cute Back to School Hairstyles for Natural Hair in 2019

Can y’all believe that it’s time to go back to school?! Finding the perfect look is a must.  Apart from the back to school makeup looks that you’re probably thinking about right now, your hairstyle is also instrumental in pulling off any look! We have 10 of the cute and simple back to school hairstyles for you today, these hairstyles will get you glammed up and ready to take on new semester.

1.  Natural curls

For a black girl, natural hairstyles are an excellent way to enhance your beauty and get a rocking hairdo effortlessly.

natural curls

photos from: hadvise.com / thehairstyledaily.com


2.  High Ponytail

A high ponytail says a lot of things. It can be playful or intense, sometimes even deranged. It’s a good choice for back to school day.

high ponytail

imagine: iStock

Don’t worry if your natural hair is not long enough, you can click here to find our 100% human hair drawstring ponytail: https://www.betterlength.com/ponytail-c-8/100-virgin-human-hair-drawstring-ponytail-p-85


3. Half up half down top knot

Half up half down top knot is easy to do yourself and once it’s up, you really don’t have to worry about it again for the entire day! This hair styles keeps your hair out of your face and doesn’t need to be refreshed throughout the day is key, especially during these hot and humid summer months.

half up half down top knot

imagine: edycom / twitter

BTW, if you have short natural hair, you can click this link to learn how to do a half up half down top knot style: https://www.betterlength.com/blog/2018/02/02/how-to-do-a-half-up-half-down-bun-with-clip-ins/

half up half down


4. Space Buns

Remember space buns? Easy enough for anyone to throw together and endlessly versatile, space buns are exactly what you want them to be. The messy vibe seriously works for a low-key summer look.

space buns

imagine: Shutterstock

Click this link to learn how to do a easy space buns style with clip ins:https://www.betterlength.com/blog/2018/02/01/easy-space-buns-tutorial-with-clip-ins/

space buns


5. Afro Puffs

This hairstyle is quick and easy, perfect for those who don’t like to take a lot of time styling their hair in the mornings. Whether the texture of your hair is wavy, frizzy or soft, it’s easy to rock an afro puff. It is quick, fun and easy to style.

afro puffs

imagine: hairsoflyshop / hairstopandshop

Click this link to learn how to do a big afro puff with clip ins: https://www.betterlength.com/blog/2018/02/01/big-afro-puff-with-clip-ins-for-4b-and-4c-natural-hair-tutorial/

afro puff


6. Cornrows

Not only do cornrows look stunning – but they are also a perfect way to style hair that’s a bit naughty. Cornrows are a perfect way to give your hair a bit of a break it deserves. Cornrow braids can be worn for three to six weeks.


imagine: stylecraze / pinterest

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