Tape-In Extensions Frequently Asked Questions

Today, we want to introduce a new product on our website, which called Tape-in Extensions.

What are tape in hair extensions?

As the name suggests, tape-in extensions come with pre-taped wefts made of a medical-grade adhesive. For the most natural look and feel, Similar to other type of betterlength hair extensions, our tape-ins are be made of 100% virgin human hair hair and the hair cuticle is in tact.

Here are some frequently asked questions we received from our clients. If you have any other questions, you can feel free to contact us. (service@betterlength.com)

  • Why might someone want tape-in extensions?
    Tape ins are the best choice for thin/super fine natural hair.
    They’re incredibly lightweight.
  • What type of hair is used for Tape-in extensions?
    All of our tape ins are made using highly quality 100% virgin human hair which can be washed, colored and styled just like your own hair.
    They come in 6 different textures; you can choose the one that looks the similar to your hair.
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  • How many pieces do you need for a full head?
    One bundle our tape ins come in 40 pieces and we recommend 2 bundles (80 pieces) for full head.
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  • How long tape ins can be stay in my hair?
    Between 6-7 weeks, we recommend you remove them from your head.
  • Are tape-in extensions reusable?
    Yes, you can add the new tape and pot them right back in.
    The hair itself lasts about 1 year.
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