2023 Trending Hairstyles on TikTok and Instagram for Black Women

TikTok and Instagrm have become hubs for beauty and fashion trends, and hair is no exception.
These apps are full of inspiring hairstyles that are taking the internet by storm. And we decided to introduce the ones actually worth your time and energy.

1.Heatless Curls

If anyone could come up with a few clever ways to form heatless curls, it would be TikTok users. Folks used everything from T-shirts to velcro rollers to create voluminous, bouncy curls sans the damage. This one tops my list of must-try styles because it’s so simple and you really have nothing to lose by trying it.

If you want to try this, you can click this link to purchase the Heatless Hair Roller.

2.Wolf Cut

Wolf haircuts recently exploded in popularity on social media sites like Tik Tok and Instagram. A wolf cut is a haircut that’s halfway between a shag and a mullet but infinitely more wearable than either. You can be anyone you want to be with this cut

wolf cut - 2023 Trending Hairstyles on TikTok and Instagram for Black Women
Cr: fashionisers.com

3.Blunt Cut Ponytail

The blunt cut can be styled in various ways, including updos. The appeal of the blunt cut is the precision of the cut and the straight ends. It makes it easier to grow out hair and gives you a sleek and structured cut. Adding a ponytail will add to the look’s glamor, making it appear smart and sophisticated.

blunt cut ponytail 1024x576 - 2023 Trending Hairstyles on TikTok and Instagram for Black Women

4.Messy High Bun

Naturally, messy high bun is so good it took the platform by storm. It makes your bun look so effortlessly chic with just the right amount of mess to it. It’s piecey and loose yet polished and could be worn to the office. And here is a tutorial for How to make a messy bun using BetterLength 3a/3b curly clip ins. You can click here to purchase the same clip ins.

youtube.com/hashtag/betterlength/shorts(opens in a new tab)

5.Claw Clip Style

Spring and Summer is approaching fast, which means updos that keep your hair off your neck and out of your face are about to be your new go-to style. You must try the claw clip hairstyle and it’s TikTok’s favorite hair trend at the moment. And here is a tutorial for you. The hair she used is BetterLength 16 inch 4b/4c Afro Kinky Coily clip ins.


Looking for the most elegant, yet easy updos to try on your 4c hair for a special event such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary? Updos are a style to watch in 2023. And this hairstyle can be done on short hair, too. You only need to add a BetterLength drawstring ponytail to achieve it.

Here is a tutorail of easy Curly Updo style using Betterlength Drawstring Ponytail

7.Afro Puff

Afro puff is a simple and practical hairstyle idea for black women, and it is a hairstyle that is realized in less than 10 minutes. In 2023, the return of the Afro Puff is upon us.

And if you don’t know how to achieve it, here is a tutorail for you. The hair she used is BetterLength 14 inch 4b/4c Afro Kinky Coily clip ins.

8.Wet Look

The wet-look hairstyle is having quite the moment. And it is simply everywhere right now. But there’s a catch: Just like any trendy hairstyle, it can be hard to know where to begin. Please don’t worry, here is a tutorial for you.

The hair she used is BetterLength 20 inch 3c/4a Afro Kinky Curly clip ins.

9.Y2K Hairstyles

Y2K hairstyles made a comeback in a big way on TikTok this year, and these trends isn’t always exactly how you remember, though. Instead, they marry trends from the past and present to feel more fashionable and less, well, cringey. E-girl hair, baby braids, pigtails, and accessories like butterfly clips were especially prominent during the spring summer months.

10.Extreme Lengths

If you feel a sudden desire to change your hairstyle, do not hurry up to chop it off, because the new year is all about extreme length and volume. No matter if you naturally have long hair or you’re rocking extensions, we recommends adding clip-ins to ensure your look remains “full from top to bottom.” You can click here to purchase BetterLength Clip Ins Hair Extensions, and all the extensions are made of 100% human hair.

If you are not sure which textured hair to choose, please feel free send us some pics of your hair through Instagram DM or email, we will give you our suggestions.

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