7 Tips How to Get Your Natural Hair Ready for This Autumn

With summer on the way out and cooler weather right around the corner, easy-breezy hairstyles may need to be put on hold, and we have to prepare ourselves to make slight changes in our natural hair care routines.

Temps are dropping and humidity wanes with each day. Due to these and other factors, it is more likely that our hair will lose more moisture, so we need to focus on keeping our hair moisturized and hydrated. Not sure how? Here are some natural hair care tips for autumn, you can try this autumn to keep your hair in a healthy state.


  1. Avoid Moisture Loss

When autumn comes, your curls may become frizzy and drop. Your hair needs moisture to stay shiny and healthy like your skin. Because water is one of our hair’s main source of moisture, you need to moisturize more often between your washes.

PS: Do Not wash your hair with excessively hot water, it will strip your hair of natural oils, so you can wash every other day in not-too-hot water.


  1. Deep Condition

Deep conditioning is the biggest secret to healthy hair, and it’s the best and most efficient way to provide your hair exactly what it needs to create the most defined curls and promote the maximum health. Its purpose is to condition your hair strands to prevent breakage, repair any damage and provide a plethora of moisture, it will make your hair more healthy.


  1. Give Yourself a Little Trim

During cooler months, if you notice the ends of your curls starting to split or look a bit dry, trim away dry and brittle ends that have been damaged by the summer sun. These are dead hair, don’t waste time, effort or products on them. Buy a good pair of salon-worthy scissors and give them a quick cut.


  1. Do Scalp Care

Dandruff and buildup on your scalp may cause irritation, itching and dull-looking hair. So it’s necessary to keep your scalp clean and healthy. You can try weekly scalp treatment, it’s also a good choice to comb your hair from root to tip every night with a silicone hair brush, it helps loosen up dry skin on your scalp and increase blood circulation.

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  1. Hats and Headscarves

Consider wearing a hat or headscarf when it gets too windy, wet or cold. Headscarves are hot! Buy some headscarves and make good use of them during this autumn. They are definitely a fashionable way to protect your tresses or cover up a bad hair day, and keep your head warm.

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  1. Protein Keeps Your Curls Strong

Protein is important in a good natural hair care regimen, if you want to stay your hair healthy, make sure your autumn styling products contain protein. You can also try protein-rich foods like yogurt, nuts and seeds, eggs, and lean turkey or chicken, they can help strengthen hair and keep your hair healthy during the autumn.


  1. Try Protective Styles

When the autumn arrives, there is another way to protect your hair from dryness and breakage, it is protective styles.

Protective styles can be your best friend during the autumn / winter while maintaining strong, moisturized and healthy hair. You can try many protective styles such as buns, twists, Bantu knots, braids, and any other creative styles.

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We really hope these tips can help you take care of your natural hair this autumn.

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