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9 Tips to Grow Natural Hair, Fast & Healthy

How do I get my hair to grow? faster? longer?

These are all common questions. Growing your hair is not as difficult as you may have come to believe. Sure it requires some amount of effort and patience, but natural hair growth is very achievable.

Let’s talk about some tips to grow your natural hair, fast & healthy.


Tip 1 – Eat A Balanced Diet

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6 Ways to Control Natural Hair Shrinkage

Natural hair shrinkage is one of the greatest questions for most people on natural hair journey. If you have kinky, curly natural hair, you need to deal with curl shrinkage.

Depending on the hair type and hair porosity, curly hair can shrink up to 80%. Shrinkage is the decrease in length when your hair dries. It is a sign of healthy hair, and it shows that your hair is properly moisturized and has good elasticity.

Want to minimize shrinkage as much as possible? Here are some ways for you.

1. Blow It Out

If you want to really maximize your hair length, a blow out if the best way. Don’t forget to take some steps to get the best results with minimal heat damage. Just make sure to use a deep conditioner and heat protectant before beginning this process! Continue reading 6 Ways to Control Natural Hair Shrinkage

7 Tips How to Get Your Natural Hair Ready for This Autumn

With summer on the way out and cooler weather right around the corner, easy-breezy hairstyles may need to be put on hold, and we have to prepare ourselves to make slight changes in our natural hair care routines.

Temps are dropping and humidity wanes with each day. Due to these and other factors, it is more likely that our hair will lose more moisture, so we need to focus on keeping our hair moisturized and hydrated. Not sure how? Here are some natural hair care tips for autumn, you can try this autumn to keep your hair in a healthy state.


  1. Avoid Moisture Loss

When autumn comes, your curls may become frizzy and drop. Your hair needs moisture to stay shiny and healthy like your skin. Because water is one of our hair’s main source of moisture, you need to moisturize more often between your washes. Continue reading 7 Tips How to Get Your Natural Hair Ready for This Autumn