9 Tips to Grow Natural Hair, Fast & Healthy

How do I get my hair to grow? faster? longer?

These are all common questions. Growing your hair is not as difficult as you may have come to believe. Sure it requires some amount of effort and patience, but natural hair growth is very achievable.

Let’s talk about some tips to grow your natural hair, fast & healthy.


Tip 1 – Eat A Balanced Diet

If you want to grow long natural hair, then you would have to watch what you eat. Your hair needs certain kinds of nutrient to grow healthy and strong. Protein plays an important role when it comes to natural hair growth. Foods like meat, beans, dairy seeds, nuts, fish, and eggs can help create healthier scalps and lower inflammation.


Tip 2 – Avoid Heat and Chemicals

Avoid straitening irons, perms, curling wands, dyes, and rubber bands when styling your hair as this can be pretty hard on it. This is especially important if you notice that your hair is thinning because you do not want to end up breaking it. Do not overdo washing and brushing, if you want to get rid of the problem.


Tip 3 – Exercise and Sleep Well

Try to engage in stress relieving activities like exercising and do not deprive yourself of sleep. Exercise is not only for people who want to stay fit or lose weight, working out regularly can also help with your hair woes. While exercising, you are bound to sweat, something that helps out to clean the hair pores by unclogging them.


Tip 4 – Get Regular Trims

This sounds counterproductive if you want your hair to grow longer, but trims help get rid of dry, damaged and split ends which can work their way up the shaft of your hair, causing even more damage.

You can trim as often as every 4-6 weeks.


Tip 5 – Deep Condition

Deep conditioning is exactly what you think it is, it is the practice of giving your hair a deeper conditioning than any leave-in or regular conditioner can. This will keep your hair healthy, bouncy, and shiny, and will prevent snagging and tangles.


Tip 6 – Use Natural Juices

Your hair can also benefit from the use of natural juices. Prepare onion, ginger or garlic juice and apply it on the hair. Leave this on an entire night and wash the hair well in the morning. Repeat this a couple of times every week and you can start seeing results.


Tip 7 – Do Scalp Massages

A scalp massage is a technique that uses the fingers to apply gentle pressure in a circular motion to the head to stimulate nerve endings, muscles and blood vessels. You can try scalp massage, it helps loosen up dry skin on your scalp and increase blood circulation, with more blood flowing through the scalp, the follicles receive more nutrients and oxygen, which promotes the faster growth of healthy hair.


Tip 8 – Try Protective Hairstyles

Growing longer hair is one of the most-cited reasons for choosing protective styling. When hair constantly breaks, it’s difficult to see and measure growth. Putting your tresses up and keeping them protected prevents a large amount of breakage. Over time, you’ll see longer, stronger hair that’s not compromised by everyday stressors.


Tip 9 – Love Your Natural HAIR.

Some people think that natural hair is unmanageable, unattractive, or otherwise undesirable. These ideas are as far from the truth as it gets! Natural hair is not only beautiful but incredibly versatile, capable of infinite styles and looks. Your curls are also easily managed and taken care of with the correct regimen and products. Love your natural hair and be proud of it.

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