How to Care for Natural Hair

Natural Curly hair considered higher maintenance than straight hair.

  • Natural Curly hair will tangle more easily than straight hair, as it is tightly coiled hair. However, tangles should fall out with water and conditioner.
  • Curly hair shedding more than straight hair, because they are tightly coiled, it's a harder to detangle making the person using force to pull. So you may will experience some shedding during every detangling. Besides, remember that one bundle of our clip ins has more hair than other companies', this is why they sheds more. And the curly hair looks fluffier than other textures this is why the amount of shedding appear to be more than actual shedding.
  • We do not recommend you straighten the curly hair because our curly textures are steam processed curls, they are not naturally curly, you may loosen/lose the curl pattern if you straighten them.

Recommended steps on how to co-wash the curly hair

IMPROTANT: Please detangle the hair piece by piece instead of one bundle together because our clip ins are SUPER THICK, they are harder to detangle together.

  • Take out ONE PIECE of the clip ins, wet it thoroughly and using your fingers detangle it gently while soaking wet.
  • Using a generous amount of conditioner, distribute conditioner through hair in a downward motion using fingers. Then using your fingers/wide tooth comb/Denman brush, brush conditioner through hair.
  • After the hair detangled completely, run water through hair in a downward motion, using your fingers to help the process of removing the conditioner. 
  • Hang to AIR DRY. Definitely DO NOT blow dry the hair.

Recommended products:

  • Denman brush
  • Shea Moisture curl products
  • Kinky Curly Knot Today
  • Dritz Fray Check
Please feel free to let us know what other products that work for you:)