I have to say I absolutely love the i-tips. I got the kinky curly 3A/3B tips in 12 inches. 100 tips came in the package I only needed 90. It matches my hair perfectly. It was very easy to wash and maintain. I almost forgot I had them in. You do have to treat them just like your own hair and keep moisturized so the tips or your hair wont dry out. The only con I had was that the tips were too big and links that came with it was too small for the tip alone. No way was I getting my hair in there either. I used links from a kit I bought elsewhere and they worked out. great. I wore for 30 days. And the takedown was easy and i had no breakage. And my hair shed and breaks easily. Now i gotta find more links that will fit so i can reinstall once i take my braids out.

by - 11/28/2020