Great itips and great customer service! If you ever have problems customer support is amazing! They helped me so much!

by - 12/15/2023

The texture is always a perfect match! The quality is amazing! They are thick, soft and shiny with min minimal shedding. The customer service is fantastic, too!

by - 12/12/2023

You definitely can depend and trust BetterLength, the hair from them is Always Beautiful, exactly what I wanted, it’s soft, has a nice trim to the edges.

by - 12/09/2023

The hair is so nice feeling and thick. Was very impressed and will purchase again.

by - 12/06/2023

Feels like my real hair as well, can’t tell the difference when running your fingers through. Love it !

by - 12/04/2023

I love this hair. The color and texture surprisingly matched perfect and it blends well.

by - 12/03/2023