I'm very pleased with these. I bought them as I wanted to switch out my metal clips to these plastic ones so I could use them in an MRI machine (Magnetic Scanner) & I'm happy to report I wore them with no issues :)

by - 05/09/2023

I bought these nonmetallic clips for travelng so I don't set off any metal detectors going through security but they hold my halo extensions in place so well that I bought more to put in my other halos just for everyday wear. With the metal clips I had trouble with my extensions slipping around and not gripping my real hair very well but these plastic clips are fantastic for thin hair and hold my halo in place extremely well. They're also not as bulky as the metal clips so the seam of my halo lies flatter against my head and is less noticeable when my real hair goes flat. I'm very happy to have found these.

by - 10/07/2022