This is a beautiful, thick, and high quality clip ins. Comes with natural curls. It is comfortable to wear and easy to put on. Overall, I would rate it 5/5.

by - 11/10/2023

Doesn’t shed, doesn’t tangle, incredibly impressed by the quality

by - 11/08/2023

This clip ins is exactly what I needed.

by - 11/03/2023

My package came today. I washed it, now It's beautiful and I'm very satisfied and I love it. Can't wait to put it on tomorrow.

by - 10/29/2023

I love everything about it,when I wear it people would always say I like your hair.That is how good and natural it looks

by - 10/24/2023

The clip ins was soft and thick with no smell and easy to put on, very very impressed, would definitely recommend.

by - 10/20/2023