Two years later still in LOVE with this hair๐Ÿ’œ


I bought the course yaki clip ins on the 27th of December, 2015 (say a year and four months ago)...and let me tell you... these clip ins are AMAZING! I wore them everyday since, and as a busy medical student, I must admit I wasn't the best at taking care of them, but yet, they held up to the pressure! Even though my hair is relaxed, my texture gets pretty course after a week, and from that time it blends so perfectly that I've fooled everyone into believing it's my real hair! (I recently bought the straigt yaki for those newly relaxed days). Also, for the past six months or so I've used it as a protective style, with leave out around my edges and the rest of my hair braided and secured below. These clip ins are perfect, and I am so happy I got them. AND the customer service was great too! A million stars for you, betterlength! ~~Signed, a happy customer :-)

by - 04/18/2017

COARSE YAKI: FANTASTIC PRODUCT FOR NATURALS, AND SPORTY GIRLS TOO! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ’ I used to say I'd never wear weave/wigs/clip-ins because you can tell the hair texture isn't African-American hair texture. This is so not the case with BL clip-ins! My hair used to be a little past my shoulders but I cut most of my relaxed hair off, and am transitioning to being natural. Now, my hair is really short in the back (approx 2in long and to the nape of my neck) and longer in the front. I play sports and missed having a ponytail so I started looking for AA Clip-ins... I found BL via Youtube and decided to try them--I love them!! My pontail is nice and full and when I wear a bun to work, you can't tell I'm wearing clip-ins; the tecture blends perfectly with my hair. The only con is the lack of hair color options and the colors they do have, are numbered differently than most AA hair colors. So, note that: BL #1B = #2 and BL #2 = #4 Due to their hair color numbers, I had to return the #2 for #1B. (Usually, I'm a #4 and their 1B looked too dark so I chose #2). Their return process is a hassel--They charge you $20 and it cost me $15 to mail. Besides that, the hair arrived in less than two days which was phenomenal! Overall, I highly recommend this product... P.S. Also, the hair has a smell to it--maybe that's normal for human hair clip-ins??--but I guess you can wash it and condition it to your liking if it bothers you.

by - 04/18/2015

I love these clip ins! My first using them. Easy to use! 1 pack is for a beautiful natural look. But I love more hair! Lol so I'm getting one more. Haircurls like charm... I have course yaki!!!! In 16 inch!!! HAIR IS FROM @betterlength


Received my hair clips and I must say I'm extremely impressed. The textured matches my natural hair to the "T". I ordered 1B Coarse Yaki. Thanks to Bella and Better Length for the awesome customer service and speedy delivery. Will order again and highly recommend๐Ÿ˜

by - 02/21/2016

OMGoodness, first of all these clips are absolutely gorgeous! I can't even say that enough! I have relaxed hair but I don't like putting heat on my hair and I also have very coarse hair despite being relaxed. Anyway I typed in best yaki clip ins on YouTube and Better Length continued to pop up. Online purchases tend to make me apprehensive. So I thank all the ladies for all your honest reviews and updates because that helped solidify my decision to purchase. The clips are extremely soft and full. I used a weft sealer as well. It comes with 7 pieces and I only used 6 (sorry I didn't provide a before pic). I ordered the 14" 1B and it blends with my hair so well. I air dried my hair and the clips blended extremely well. It definitely has that yaki crinkle but that allows me to wear my without heat! I ordered Monday afternoon and received my order yesterday evening inside a beautiful box with extra clips, weft yarn, and needle. The clips fill comfortable and I'm so happy. Thank you!!!!!

by - 11/10/2017