I am sooo sooo happy I bought these clip ins. They look so natural, feel so nice, and blend in perfectly with my hair. I do have relaxed hair but I do it every 12 weeks which causes my hair to get really thick which made me buy the coarse yaki clip ins. Everyone complimented me and thought it was my real hair because of the way they blended in so well. They also are very easy to install and the delivery was super fast even though they are from China. I will definitely be purchasing the light yaki clip ins soon so that when i perm my hair, I will be able to blend my straighter hair with it. I would recommend these clip ins to everyone!!

by - 10/20/2015

These hair extensions are my go to whenever I don't want to do much to my hair. I just clip them in and call it a day! One pack is truly enough. Even thought I have thick hair I get coverage in all the right places, I'll even have a weft or two left over! The only con is the hair color is a little off. I ordered a 2 and really needed a 1B. It wasn't a problem since it matched my sister's hair color more than mine so I gave them to her. Customer service is probably the nicest I've ever experienced and were more than willing to help me with my order. The quality and price are both awesome. I will be making another purchase soon!

by - 06/07/2015

Arrived really soon after ordering and in excellent condition. The customer service is great and they match my extremely thick hair texture and colour perfectly! :)

by - 01/14/2015

I am super happy to have discovered clip ins that's perfect for afro carribean hair.  I thought they were only available for white peoples hair.  It's a shame it's taken me this long to find out about this. Considering I have been wearing hair weaves for so many years, that in itself is really expensive, including hair dressers costs as well.  Anywho, My clips ins has arrived I ordered coarse yaki 1b, on the 31/12 and received them today in the UK speedy service, thank you.  And the tracking service is fantastic! Being able to see the current location of my order.  Brilliant.   I am totally new to wearing clips ins, so I'm still experimenting. But so far these are great!!! Perfect match, perfect texture. I may even brave it and wear them to work tomorrow, considering I'm a novice to this. Lol!! I was gonna practice some more over the weekend, we'll see.  1 pack is definitely enough, I've only used 4 wefts leaving 3 in the box.  Now for the fun part of getting better acquainted with my clips ins, in creating lots of different hair styles 👏👏😃 Thank you Better Length. Happy New Year!!

by - 01/07/2015

After many months of searching for coarse yaki hair I finally I found something that works! I was going to order from another company, but the price was way too expensive. When I found Better Lengths I was hesitant to buy, but I'm glad I did because I LOVE THIS HAIR. It matches my hair texture perfectly. My hair is extremely thick, so I am happy I can find something that matches. My hair has only been blow dried and lightly straightened to make my high bun look more smooth. The shipping is great too! I ordered my clip-ins on at 12 AM on Thanksgiving (November 27th) and I received them on Monday (December 1st). I got the 16 inch, which actually looks a little longer than 16 inches. This hair is beautiful. It doesn't smell or tangle. I have barely any shedding. I haven't straightened it or curled it, but when I do I will be sure to update this review. One thing I can say is that I would probably get the jet black instead of a 1b because my hair is very dark. Other than that I've been happy. Hopefully I'll get the light yaki to see how I like those !

by - 12/19/2014

A+++++ all across the board, first let me say that the customer service was outstanding (thank you Bella) and the quality of these clip ins is like no other it's a perfect blend and texture to my type, also the shipping was very fast and hair was very well packaged!!!!!!!! You will not be disappointed with this hair at all!!!!!💋

by - 10/17/2014