I love my clip ins texture is thick and full but smooth and soft.

by - 03/10/2014

I love the clip ins. I feel it is worth the money and love how it blends with my natural hair.

by - 03/06/2014

I really, really LOVE the texture of the hair. I don’t have to flat iron my hair, it definitely blends well with my blow dried hair.

by - 02/14/2014

My clip ins are my fave to wear. I am natural and all I have to do is blow dry and they blend right in. I take them out every night. Wrap my hair then up them back in.

by - 02/06/2014

This hair is sooo amazing!! It is thick and tangle-free! Thank you soooo much for this great hair.

by - 01/20/2014

The hair is fantastic! I love the texture and the fact that only one set gives me a full look is amazing.

by - 01/14/2014