These extensions are really good quality! I’m really impressed with how much it matches my (relaxed) hair from the color to the texture. These clip-ins add thickness and length to my hair which is exactly what I wanted

by - 06/01/2018

I have a 1B 18 inch. Love the hair, friends say it looks so real. I have worn it for about a month now washed it once. It is really thick and requires the same maintenance of coarse hair. I remove the clip ins about 3 times a week to oil my hair and sleep with a satin scarf. My real hair is growing and is so much healthier thanks to the convenience of the removing the clip ins throughout the week. Would definitely try other products by betterlength...

by - 04/19/2016

i ordered the set of clip ins on August 6th and USPS delivered them August 15th. there has been a small amount of tangling but there has been shedding multiple times. its not over bearing to deal with though, what i found strange was when i just ombre'd them last night and they turned red.. i was not happy at all because they shouldn't of turned red of all colors. after last night i did it once again and they turned out to be brown. Also while washing the mix out i saw that the red dye was also washing out as well. Once i finished washing them i deep conditioned them and let them air dry ,they're back to being soft . The only downside was the fact that i ombre'd them and they turned red. Them turning red was odd to me only because I've never had that happen before, I've been dying my hair , hair extensions and my friends hair for years so that was out of the ordinary. the shedding i can deal with because im use to it.The texture matches my hair once i flat iron them, i get complimented and a few people thought it was natural :) the first photo attached was todays results from the 3rd attempted at ombre & the second photo attached was yesterday's results of the first .

by - 08/19/2014

Good product, natural hair. The clips are a little bit heavy

by - 08/29/2022

The hair does blend nicely with blowed out hair you can be vary versatile with it. But it’s stiff and feels weird lol I don’t know how to explain don’t expect to wear it straight like it’s going to be flowy because it’s not. I still like the hair I prefer the curly textures and to blow dry them and curl them.

by - 04/11/2021

I love my course yaki clip ins!!! They blend in great with my natural hair. If your a natural these are a MOST HAVE!!!! Check out my initial review below Initial Review:

by - 10/25/2016