Hair blended great with my texture. I have experienced some tangling but absolutely no shedding. Well worth the price.

by - 06/03/2014

I love this extensions, It is free tangle, minimum shedding and blends well with my natural texture.

by - 04/13/2014

I abs love my betterlength clip ins!!! It blends wonderfully with my texlaxed hair.

by - 02/20/2014

I bought these clips last year and they are okay. I love the fullness of them but they get stiff to easily. if I wear them down. So I just wear them up in pony tails or braids. I can't even curl them because of how stiff they are. I want to try the light yaki to see if it'll be more flowy.

by - 10/31/2017

I got the "not so coarse" yaki clip ins. I was expecting a better quality of hair. The hair does not hold a curl at all. I curled them with my curling wand for a night out and before i could get home my hair was completely straight again. THe ends of the clip ins are also quite thin although the overall thickness of the clip ins is great. The hair also tangles more than I would like it to. Its sad that I paid so much money for sub par quality :( Maybe I would of liked the light yaki better.

by - 08/26/2014

I love these clip in, they give my hair length and thickness and are there best thing because I don't have to wear weaves. I would recommend to my friends but cause it matches perfectly with my hair so much that I can't tell thw difference between mines when I wear them but they major con is 😒😒😒 then hair sheds and tangles on me if I don't brush it! It sheds like no other as u can see from theater photo and my extension are getting thinner but i wish they were more secure and then clips sometimes I have to re sew them back in because they get loose! But great Clips other than the cons I guess

by - 05/24/2015