This hair blended perfectly with my natural blown out hair. When your hair starts to Resort back to a more corse look, the clip-ins do the same. The clip-ins are a corse straight texture. You have to flat iron the clip-ins when you flat iron your hair.

by - 02/17/2018

I bought the course yaki clip ins on the 27th of December, 2015 (say a year and four months ago)...and let me tell you... these clip ins are AMAZING! I wore them everyday since, and as a busy medical student, I must admit I wasn't the best at taking care of them, but yet, they held up to the pressure! Even though my hair is relaxed, my texture gets pretty course after a week, and from that time it blends so perfectly that I've fooled everyone into believing it's my real hair! (I recently bought the straigt yaki for those newly relaxed days). Also, for the past six months or so I've used it as a protective style, with leave out around my edges and the rest of my hair braided and secured below. These clip ins are perfect, and I am so happy I got them. AND the customer service was great too! A million stars for you, betterlength! ~~Signed, a happy customer :-)

by - 04/18/2017

Coarse Yaki clip in set was just what I wanted and needed to make my natural hair pop! The texture matched spot on! 14 inches was perfect 👌🏾

by - 02/25/2021

I love em thank you again


Coarse Yaki clip ins thank you!!! 14 in trimmed to blend in with my hair length I just wanted thickness and volume


Coarse yaki clip ins