This was my first time wearing clip ins so I wasn’t sure what to expect but let me tell you these are AMAZING! I spent a lot of time watching YouTube video, trying to decide if these would be a good purchase and they absolutely are. I have very kinky 4C hair. All I had to do was blow dry it and the clip ins blended perfect. I didn’t want my hair to be too big, so didn’t use all of the clips but I still got a very full and natural look! The shipping was fast. I ordered them on a Saturday and had them by Wednesday! Such a great product 😍

by - 12/30/2017

I absolutely love this hair! Blends in perfect with my 4c hair! Y'all are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ❤

by - 03/12/2017

This hair is absolutely amazing!! I'm not to familair with hair. But as soon I took out these clipins , I immediately knew these were good quality by the looks of it. Just one pick gives so much volume. Right out the pack the hair smelled nice. Loved the customer service as well. Honestly such a good bargin. People are still wondering if its my real hair lol but dont wanna ask. But if you happen to cut any of your clipins to do a style, be aware it will shid a little bit. But just like any hair would.

by - 04/16/2017

Loving my clip ins and your gram gives me great style ideas 😍 😌


Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Excellent quality and well worth the price. I get compliments and questions alike. If you want to keep people guessing like I do, these clip-ins are the way to go. No fussing with as many as 14 wefts (two 7 piece bundles in other brands). This hair gives the fullness of a full head of hair in just 10 pieces or less (I don't use all of the wefts). I love these clip -ins.

by - 07/20/2017

The hair is really good quality and has a nice texture that blends perfectly with my blow out hair. The wefts are super super thick and I don't even use all the pieces which is great because I've had experiences in the past with other brands with the hair being too thin for my thick hair. I am absoultly thrilled to buy more clip ins from Better Lengths.

by - 10/25/2016