Clip-in hair from @betterlength is awesome!


JUN 30, 2018 & JUL 28, 2018


I love the texture of this hair! It’s really soft and sheds very little. The hair is really thick and blends very well with my hair. I only used a half pack on this style.

by - 07/21/2018

This hair is absolutely amazing!! I'm not to familair with hair. But as soon I took out these clipins , I immediately knew these were good quality by the looks of it. Just one pick gives so much volume. Right out the pack the hair smelled nice. Loved the customer service as well. Honestly such a good bargin. People are still wondering if its my real hair lol but dont wanna ask. But if you happen to cut any of your clipins to do a style, be aware it will shid a little bit. But just like any hair would.

by - 04/16/2017

I am so in love with these clip ins. I’ve gotten so many compliments and questions on whether it’s my hair or not. The quality is amazing and shipping to Zambia was super fast. Definitely plugging my girls😍

by - 07/22/2022

Loving my kinky coarse hair. First time purchase, lifetime customer