I have the 16” kinky straight ponytail, and I love the quality of the hair. I had my stylist dye the piece the same color as my hair, and she straightened it for my friend’s wedding. I got SO MANY COMPLIMENTS!!

by - 11/03/2020

This is my daughter rocking her pony from betterlength


Here it is! Even in a bun, after 2 years of having them, it still feels so good


3c4a ponytail I absolutely love it . Ive had it for over a year and it’s still great . Everyone thinks it’s my hair . Shopping with betterlength is literally the best investment I’ve ever made when it comes down to my hair .

by - 03/27/2022

Drawstring ponytail


I absolutely love my 20 inch kinky curly ponytail. The texture is everything, I added a lil color to give it a brown tint, no shedding.

by - 02/26/2022