Natural Textured I-Tip Microlinks (100 pieces)
Natural Textured I-Tip Microlinks (100 pieces)
Natural Textured I-Tip Microlinks (100 pieces)
Natural Textured I-Tip Microlinks (100 pieces)
Natural Textured I-Tip Microlinks (100 pieces)
Natural Textured I-Tip Microlinks (100 pieces)
Natural Textured I-Tip Microlinks (100 pieces)

Natural Textured I-Tip Microlinks (100 pieces)

(5/5, 65 reviews)

Hair Type
100% Virgin Human Hair which can be dyed, styled just like your own natural hair.

Hair Color

1 gram per piece

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Buy I tips get I-tip beads for Free

One bundle comes in 100 pieces, recommend two bundles(200 pieces) for a full installation.

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  • Step 1: Open the clamper and put the bead in it.
  • Step 2: Squish it and make the bead to be circle. keep in mind, don’t squish it too hard.
* The hair extensions can be reused but the microbead is one-time-use. Reinstallation requires a new bead.
Looking for natural textured I tips that match your natural hair?
The I tips we provided come in 6 different textures. Find your perfect matched natural textured I-Tip Microlinks at betterlength
  • Light yaki I tips designed for straightened natural hair silk press or relaxed hair.
  • Kinky Coarse I tips designed for natural hair blow out.
  • Curly I tips designed for 3a-3b natural hair.
  • Kinky Curly I tips designed for 3b-3c natural hair.
  • Afro kinky curly I tips designed for 3c-4a natural hair.
  • Afro kinky coily I tips designed for 4b-4c natural hair.

Curly's length is measured in its straight state. They are prone to shrinkage.

  • All of them made of high quality 100% virgin human hair which can be dyed, washed and styled just like your own natural hair.
  • 6 different textures; Curly's length is measured in its straight state. They are prone to shrinkage.
  • 100 pieces per bundle. Typically, a full head requires 200 pieces, so TWO bundles will be recommended.
  • All the I tips come with free I tip Beads. If you purchased 2 bundle I tips, you will get 200 I tip beads for free. You can also purchase some extra micro links beads if you want to reuse them.
  • Recommend installed by a professional trained in this service.
  • can be reused
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I like the hair. I got the blow out texture so I could straighten it and make it look natural with my silk press. I now wish I would’ve got the yaki texture. Overall, I like the extensions. It just starts reverting and doesn’t stay straight with the blow out texture. I’d advice just getting the Yalu texture if you want to blend with silk press. Also, the tips are very think. Some I couldn’t even fit in the beads. But I like the hair and will continue to purchase. I haven’t found any other comparable brand in quality and price point.

by - 10/21/2021

I have to say I absolutely love the i-tips. I got the kinky curly 3A/3B tips in 12 inches. 100 tips came in the package I only needed 90. It matches my hair perfectly. It was very easy to wash and maintain. I almost forgot I had them in. You do have to treat them just like your own hair and keep moisturized so the tips or your hair wont dry out. The only con I had was that the tips were too big and links that came with it was too small for the tip alone. No way was I getting my hair in there either. I used links from a kit I bought elsewhere and they worked out. great. I wore for 30 days. And the takedown was easy and i had no breakage. And my hair shed and breaks easily. Now i gotta find more links that will fit so i can reinstall once i take my braids out.

by - 11/28/2020

This is the best, the hair looks so natural already installed in my hair. one of the best purchases I've ever made. I only bought one bundle of 3c/4a and didn't use all of it. Seeing the videos of other girls on your page motivated me to buy mine and it was a good guide. Thank you


itips by @betterlength


Hello, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your company. I had bought the 3b/3c itips and my hairstylist custom colored it. The hair is amazing quality and it blends so well with my hair. I just wanted to say thank you so much for having such an inclusive brand!


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Can I have the length longer than 20”?


The longest length we sell on our website is 20”, if you prefer longer length, feel free to email us at, we can customize for you as well.


Can the curly hair be straightened as well? And if so can it also go back to curly when wetted again?


Technically, YES, they can be straightened and also will go back to curly after washing. But we do not recommend, because this hair has been steamed processed to achieve these beautiful curls and extreme heat can cause loosening of the curl pattern we created.


Can the I tips be dyed? Would I dye them before install or afterwards?


At this time, we do not offer additional color options or custom coloring services. You can bleach/dye them to match your hair color. If you choose the curly hair, pls keep in mind, just like natural hair, bleaching or coloring will potentially alter the curl pattern, we recommend you choose a tighter curl if you need to color the hair. Please be sure to deep condition extensions and use nourishing hair products whenever possible. We recommend that coloring be done by a professional/licensed colorist familiar with natural textures. We are not responsible for any damage of hair quality or texture as a result of color processing.


Does Micro links make your hair grow?


Since your hair isn't braided and sewn down your hair is free and can easily be maintained and properly cleansed. Proper cleansing of the hair and scalp can promote hair growth. Microlinks themselves don't make your hair grow but a consistent cleansing regimen of your hair and scalp (In addition to a well-balanced diet and proper supplementation) can help hair grow.


How long do Micro links hair extensions last?


This really depends on how well you maintain your extensions, which includes wrapping your hair at night and visiting your stylist for much-needed in between maintenance specifically for the microbeads.


Are micro links reusable?


Yes, the hair extension can be reused but the microbead is a one-time-use. Removal or Reinstallation requires a new bead.


How many micro links do you need for a full head?


One bundle our Micro links come in 100 pieces and we recommend 2 bundles for full head.