6 Ways to Control Natural Hair Shrinkage

Natural hair shrinkage is one of the greatest questions for most people on natural hair journey. If you have kinky, curly natural hair, you need to deal with curl shrinkage.

Depending on the hair type and hair porosity, curly hair can shrink up to 80%. Shrinkage is the decrease in length when your hair dries. It is a sign of healthy hair, and it shows that your hair is properly moisturized and has good elasticity.

Want to minimize shrinkage as much as possible? Here are some ways for you.

1. Blow It Out

If you want to really maximize your hair length, a blow out if the best way. Don’t forget to take some steps to get the best results with minimal heat damage. Just make sure to use a deep conditioner and heat protectant before beginning this process!

2. Banding

After you have washed your hair, separate wet strands into some sections. Gently band a ponytail holder around each section from the root to the ends. You can use your satin bonnet or scarf to help lock in moisture and eliminate frizzies.

Ps: Banding is a great heatless way, but it may lead to breakage.

3. Try Bantu Knots

Bantu knots shine as a traditional African hairstyle treasured to this day. They look amazing and do a fantastic job of protecting natural hair.

You will section a bit of your hair at a time and twist in one direction. You will wrap it around until a knot is formed. Then, secure with a bobby pin. You can do this for your entire head.

Make sure to leave a little bit of space between your scalp and your knots to make sure you don’t overdo with the pressure on your scalp.

4. Put Your Hair in a High Bun

Like Bantu Knots, high bun is super comfortable and cute way to elongate your natural hair.  After slightly dampening your hair, create a high bun. In order to prevent creases, please make sure that your bun isn’t too tight.

5. Roller Set

Roller Sets are great way to stretch your hair. Because roller sets are used on wet hair that can be left to air dry, they are one of the least damaging ways to stretch out curly kinks and thus to prevent natural hair shrinkage.

6. Try Hair Care Products

Certain ingredients in hair care products can decrease shrinkage, such as flaxseed, bamboo milk, shea butter and mango butter. Find some good products and take a try!


Shrinkage is inevitable and just about everyone will experience it natural hair journey . It’s also part of the versatility and beauty of natural hair. So the best way you can deal with your natural hair shrinkage is not to view it as a problem, but as a sign that you have got a healthy head of hair. Just embrace it!


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